Nicholsons forestry: expert cultivation & care of native trees; forestry creation; management of traditional forest & woodland. Based in Oxfordshire

Nicholsons Forestry

Nicholsons Forestry

Nicholsons core business for over thirty years has been the cultivation and care of native British trees and the creation and management of traditional forest and woodland. Based around a team of highly qualified and experienced graduate Foresters and Arboriculturalists, Nicholsons Forestry assures a professional and efficient service. Senior staff are members of the Institute of Chartered Foresters (ICF).

Caring for existing and long-established trees is all part of the service. At Nicholsons we are able to carry out all levels of tree maintenance and arboricultural operations, from ground preparation and planting, Duty of Care tree inspections and individual tree reports, to erection of fencing and tree-guards, timber harvesting, establishing new hedgerows (and maintaining existing ones), tree felling and stump grinding.

Nicholsons Forestry Customers

After so many years in the business Nicholsons Forestry division has established an extensive and very broad-based clientele, ranging from some of the country's leading landowners to individual householders.

The size and scope of a project makes no difference to the quality and attention to detail of our service, and we are just as pleased to welcome contacts from either end of the spectrum.

Over recent years we have worked with country estates, parks, and owners of stately homes. We have helped many farmers and landowners - not only those with existing forest and woodland, but also those seeking to diversify and those hoping to take advantage of grants and development opportunities. We have also assisted construction companies, developers and major corporates.

We frequently work in close conjunction with land agents and public authorities, local and county councils, national institutions, health authorities and educational institutions.

We have a strong environmental belief, and are delighted to have helped several wildlife organisations, trusts and charitable bodies, particularly in the establishment of new woodland using native species of trees and shrubs and for amenity use.

Please contact Tim Shardlow for more information, but rest assured; there are no Forestry Jobs we can’t undertake!